Yesterday was…a Good Day!

Thought it was about time I threw a few words and pictures about!

Firstly, before I get to yesterday, I have decided to take a break from model shoots for a bit.  No major reason, just having a think about the reasons behind doing it versus the “rewards” (which are NOT financial I assure you). Also up here in my’s a bit of a small pond for photographers and models.  I just wanted to step away for a bit and take 6 months out.  No biggie as they say…and I doubt I will make much of a ripple in the pond.

Saying that I will be helping out my good friend Chris Harrison on his shoots from time to time and a couple of other photographers I know.  I may “weaken” at some point between now and June…but I don’t really want to. I will definitely be still shooting more street photography etc..and hopefully doing a little more video for my Youtube Channel (which you can subscribe to here )

Actually I did a little BTS video of a really different shoot last week where Chris and a model called Lauren (model name Lola Filth) worked on a Walking Dead theme. Check that out here

Okay, back to yesterday…..

The weather since Christmas here in Northumberland hasn’t really been the best, very cold with rain, wind, frost and lately snow.  Nothing like the armeggeddon weather other parts of the world have been receiving, but basically just crappy.  Especially for a fair weather street photographer like me!!

But yesterday I was getting stir crazy!  So I grabbed my trusty Fuji X100F and got the bus into town.  I shot some video on the way and while walking around Newcastle…I was intending to put another Youtube video/still collection together.  TIP…don’t just walk around while videoing…all you do is end up with footage that would induce severe sea sickness in everyone watching! I hope to get something out of it…I will see.

I digress (again, sorry).  Yesterday was one of those days where I just seemed to be able to get shot after shot.  Normally after 2/3 hours I delete 95% of my shots to end up with about 4/5 I really like to edit and use.  But yesterday was a great day. I have been watching a lot of Craig Whiteheads work (I think I put a link on previous blogs?) and picked up a couple of tips, one of which was to shoot in burst or drive mode.  This has meant my “hit” rate being a lot higher. Also, I think I am getting more used to the 100F (I can’t praise this camera enough for Street Shooting) and also getting closer to my subjects a little.

Anyway enough prattle I hear you say (or maybe not)…where are the bloody images??!!

Ok……This is “yesterday”

Metro Lady

J W Jobling

Munchies (I loved the light on this one)

J W Jobling

Beards (The guy on the left has a pipe! When did you last see a pipe?)

J W Jobling

Joan Crawford “Look”

J W Jobling

Welcome Inn

J W Jobling

Inside The “Side” (A great photo gallery in Newcastle.  If you visit a must see )

J W Jobling


J W Jobling

Empty Glass

J W Jobling

Lunch Mates
J W Jobling

Fiddly Work

J W Jobling

The Crocodile

J W Jobling

Cool Hat

J W Jobling

Nike Kicks

J W Jobling


J W Jobling

Eyes Behind The Veil

J W Jobling

Free Cash

J W Jobling


J W Jobling

Enjoy! Comments/questions always welcome.

Until next time keep shooting



I really hate Christmas

I’m sorry. I know I have a reputation as a grump (probably deserved!) but this time of year really brings it out in me.

It’s the forced “jollyness”, the shops starting the “season” on the first of November, the 100% disruption to bloody everything, writing Christmas Cards, the missus saying (every 15 minutes) “we need to get the kids presents wrapped” – knowing we will leave it until 2 days before Christmas Eve as always. It’s the thinking of presents to get – kids/grandkids are easy they provide long lists – just add money and there you go. No it’s the fact I’ve been married over 40 years…I’ve bought everything it’s possible to buy my good wife..EVERYTHING!!! I’m “ideared” out! We also have a couple of friends we buy each other presents for..once again it’s been 35 years of Christmasses for gawds sake!!

I think, even if I was religious (which I’m not) I would be fed up with it. It’s all “business” of some form or other. We are brainwashed into how to behave at this Festival like no other I think.

I do actually feel really sorry for families/people who do struggle generally throughout the year to make ends meet. It must be an ever bigger nightmare for them…especially when the Christmas Bill hangover hits in January.

So I’m sorry…but just not feeling it even more than usual this year.

Normal service (may) be resumed in 2018!!

Hey…Been A While…

Hi there folks..

Apologies…I know I promised some new stuff…I have been lax!!  No excuses either..just laziness.

Last time out I said I had some new street stuff to share with you.  This is it.  I have been really working the Fuji X100F…its just so perfect for street.  Its light, nobody notices it and above all it gets great images.

Here is a flavour for you…

J W Jobling

I started taking the 100F to some of the Newcastle United games I go to.  There is a great opportunity to “people watch” there I think..

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling


there is a great street photographer on Instagram I folloe..I really love his style…he also does some great silhouette work.. I cant work out how he does it yet.  But check out Craig Whiteheads work

J W Jobling

J W Jobling


I am not a fan of “Colour Popping” but I thought this statue on Remembrance day worked with it. J W Jobling


I really like this one.. I call “The Generation gap”J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

And finally …for now…

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to comment below.
Until next time…keep shooting.

Recent model shoot stuff (slightly NSFW).

I have some street stuff to sort and arrange into a blog. But I hit lucky and had a little “run” of model shoots. So I thought I would share. Mainly shot with my Fuji X-T2, although I did use my Fuji 100F for part of a natural light (mainly) hotel room shoot.

Starting with Sophia and Siobhan

Then we have Angie – she wanted some shots for her anti bullying campaign too

And some others from same shoot..

Sophie with some street style fashion

Finally we have the lovely Lacey

That’s it for now.

Choices are hard…

In life generally..of course.  But you know this is going to be photography orientated right?

I take a load of photographs whether I’m doing a model shoot or a street shoot.  Model shoots its obvious why…different poses, trying to capture “the look”, the angles, a certain feel etc. So when it comes to editing I maybe have 200 to 300 plus images to go through and I whittle it down to around 30 final edits – which I then work on to publish (publish ha ha – that for me means go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Viewbug and of course on my blog here!) and to send to the model to use herself.

For my street photography though its more complex.  I rarely have more than one single shot of a “scene”. I see something or someone and…”click” then its gone (that Cartier- Bresson moment thingy – although apparently he posed a lot of his stuff!!).

Like this shot….She walked across the square.. I grabbed the shot.  I could have stalked her for more..but why? I got her…and we have laws and stuff about stalking!
J W Jobling

No – where I am heading with this is which images do I choose from a days street shooting to share with “my public”?

What I tend to do is go through my shots from the day, hour, whatever and delete the out of focus, or just obviously shit ones, and the ones that are what I call “nothing shots” Like this…. A nothing shot – although a one about 10 secs later with the guy with the book..was a keeper!

J W Jobling

But then I find myself having a real dilemma about what is a good shot (notice I said good – I haven’t yet got great!)

Some stand out -straight away to me….

Like these…

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

There’s that guy with the book….

J W Jobling

But…what about these next ones? Part of me is going “yeah they are fine”…but my other half of my brain is saying “Nahh!!”

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling all this an excuse to show of my photos from a really good day around Newcastle yesterday?
Anyway..a blogs a blog right?

Oh by the way you can catch all my street stuff here

and here (This is a little project I have called Cafe Society)

Until next time….keep shooting!

Bye for now.



Fuji 100F – first thoughts

The problem with Fuji is that they have so many cameras that play with the emotions of us hobbyist photographers.

I moved fully over to Fuji system from Nikon last year. I own a Fuji X-T2 a X-T10 and a few lenses. To be fair these two easily cover most of my current photographic needs. These are basically model/fashion photography and street/documentary work. Plus of course the usual family stuff like Birthdays, Grandkids etc and the odd music gig.

I have felt that there is a bit of an overlap with the X-T10 to the X-T2 both have interchangeble lenses, similar profiles etc.  The X-T10 was very good for street photography.  I tended to fit the Fuji “pancake” 27mm 2.8 lens and it did a great job, slipped in my pocket etc. But, I then made the mistake if watching Youtube videos from people using the 100F…BIG mistake!  Reading reviews about it BIGGER mistake!

I mean…this camera not only looks good – and if you like well designed “classic” stuff…you cant help but be in awe of the retro look and feel of this little gem. Everyone who has used/reviewed it has sang its praises


You can find out more about it here

Here are some examples from my first few shoots while I was learning how to use it…

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling


J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

I am still getting used to the 100F but it really is ideal for street work.  The shutter is silent, it is small, light and I’m sure people don’t see it as a “real camera”.

I will share more over the coming months…and when I get round to using it on a model shoot.  One of it’s advantages is a leaf shutter meaning I can HSS (High Speed Sync) with a flashgun to up to 1/4000th second, allowing me to use flash and ambient light at lower f stops which gives more blurred backgrounds etc.

Anyway comments always welcome – and any other 100F users reading, please share your thoughts.

Until next time…keep shooting.


The grandkids…and other animals!

Been looking after grandkids most days these holidays. Earlier in the week we took them to Kirkley Hall

They have a great zoo. I took my Fuji X-T2 along with my 56mm 1.2 lens. I wasn’t really after “doing a shoot”. It was habit carrying my camera. 

But, after the animals – and the gift shop of course – we went for deserved cuppa and slushes. For once my youngest granddaughter Olivia was not the bundle of energy she normally is…so had some time to grab some portraits of her. And oldest Chloe of course. 



So finally – after 7 years..she sat still!!