The sun got out…

Eventually! Well it did for a bit on Sunday morning. So I grabbed my cameras (including my film camera – although they won’t be released for some time) and headed to the Newcastle Quayside Market. It’s been on for Sunday’s since Newcastle came about as a town I think..and even though it’s had some hard times and near closure misses it’s still going strong.

For a street photographer it’s a great place. Loads of “characters” and people don’t seem surprised at cameras.

I needed a “good” day as I was disappointed with my photographic efforts from a couple of days earlier. Technical stuff like too grainy, used to heavy a crop..just they didn’t come out well.

Anyway here’s a selection of what I captured. See if you can spot the “asked for” portrait ones.

You can see more of my efforts here Recent images

Anyway let’s hope this means summer is close by!

Until next time…keep shooting and take care.



It’s been a bit “moist” here in the UK

I know we always moan about the weather in the UK (hey it makes us happy ok!). But this week has been downright biblical at times!

I was desperate to take some photographs. Now while my camera is water resistant..I am too..but my camera could care less. Me? Nah I’m a softy.

So I came up with a…watercovered windows, people in the rain and Newcastle at dusk.

So all post impressionist results (is that the right reference arty people? Let me know!)

As I post this literally..there is a big yellow thing in the sky!! Yayy…oh hang’s gone. It’s raining again.

Have a nice weekend wherever you are.


45 minutes…

Photography is a funny old game to mangle a cliche!!

On Tuesday I went to Hull (partly to take a friend to visit his Mother who is in a home suffering from dementia) and ended up taking some photographs. A mix of “street” and a bit of an urban record. I haven’t posted any on here as to be honest a combination of poor weather and being in quite a large City I wasn’t familiar with meant I was unsatisfied with a lot of my images. I may change my my mind but currently I think most are poor.

Then yesterday I needed to pop quickly into Newcastle (to pick up my film camera which was getting its light seals film may be coming!). I took my Fuji X100f with me (this is a perfect camera for street stuff, light small and unnoticeable. I tried out a technique that my mate Chris uses…basically hold the camera as if you are videoing the scene…but just take stills as people move in and out of your frame. It’s funny people are used to being videoed whereas they still can be uncomfortable being photographed!

Anyway I literally took photos for about 45 minutes. In this time I got more “keepers” than I did in 4 hours in Hull.

Life sure can be strange!!

Let me know what you think…

You can see more here (including the Hull ones if you must☺️) Latest Images

Until next time


Watching The Detectives

Strange things occurred in Newcastle yesterday. I noticed a large number of people in period dress, especially flat caps and deerstalker hats.

Coming across a group of fabulously attired ladies, unlike my normal approach in street photography (which is 100% “ninja”), I asked if I could take their photograph. Fortunately they were more than happy for me too.

I ventured to ask why so many similarly dressed folk were in town on this wet and dull Saturday. It turns out a phone gaming app had a mass event on. It required participants (who I think paid for the privilege) to use their phones to look for clues and witnesses scattered around the City rather like Pokemon in order to eliminate them from their “enquires”. This would result eventually in a Cluedo like ..Mrs green in the library with a candlestick ..moment. With various prizes to the winner and to the best, most inventively dressed. I think the game is Cluedogame App – but I could be wrong!

But anyway, for a street photographer this was pure gold!!

These latter ladies could have easily formed a girl band I felt!! They were great fun and made me shoot them more than once to get a good “Instagram look”!

I also did my usual none “cluedo stuff”.. but the gamesters def livened up a very miserable day on the streets.

Here’s my “other stuff”.

These guys were in a band..not part of the detectives!

Thanks for reading. Comments etc always welcome.

Until next time ..take care.

More of my recent images can now be found here Recent Images


South Shields Trip

I have only ever done one previous street photography trip to this town before, and it was a very short one. So when my photo friend Chris Chris’s website suggested a short road trip this is where we headed. Quite a few people out and about for a Tuesday.

Anyway…here’s a flavour.

We also visited the (pretty deserted) fairground

Have a good day folks!!


Some pics

It’s been a while…so thought I would share some pictures from my recent outings. Lots of hugging I’ve noticed. But I’ve tried to work more with shadows and light.

All shot on a Fuji X-T3

Mainly Newcastle (although a couple from a trip to Hexham)

Thanks for reading.


Easter Pics

With the great weather (for once!) in the UK over Easter I looked forward to getting some good shots. As always my City did not let me down.

I had watched a YouTube video by an excellent photographer Sean Tucker (I recommend his channel highly – Sean’s YouTube ) where he was shooting harsh shadows. So I stuck on my 16mm lens on my X-T3 and set about it

I also couldn’t leave without a few “people being people” shots of course!!

As always more on my Instagram feed

My Instagram feed

Thanks for looking.

Keep shooting.


My Style..

No not clothes! That ship sailed a long time ago I can tell you, and even then only docked for 2 nights on a long weekend!

I was thinking of my photography style, as you do on a Sunday morning when the papers are read.

I had just edited a new batch of my street photos from a productive day yesterday. As I stored them on my online Smugmug archive I habitually flicked through the 60 odd images I had transferred. It came to me that nearly without exception the prime focus was people. Now most street photographers, historically and now, involve people in their images. It’s sort of what’s on the tin. But a lot only have the people as part of a larger view. The people populate a scene but are not necessarily the main focus of attention.

What my pictures concentrate on are the individuals themselves. Their expressions, clothes, task, interaction with others. Basically I like to shoot “people being people”. I like to capture not necessarily the decisive moment (although it’s wonderful when that happens) but more a moment in time…a 1/125th of a second of that person or persons place in history.

I do occasionally go for the “wider” or more abstract image of course.. like here

But not very often. I tend to go for the jugular more

It’s just me I suppose.

Anyway thought I would share that.

If you want to check out my “style” to see if I’m right the best place probably is my Instagram feed

Let me know if I’m right.

Thanks for reading.