No Excuses…

For not updating this blog (but it’s the way I roll – lazily!!)

Anyway here’s a photograph journey update. Which means basically more wandering the streets with a camera catching people as they act/look today.

It was my 66th Birthday on Sunday gone.. I was lucky enough to get some photo books as gifts

And off my own bat I helped (means I paid) crowdfund this collection by the late Tish Murtha. Her legacy is being well looked after by her Daughter Ella.

She is so inspirational as a photographer and though only taken in the mid 70’s evoke times long gone.

Hopefully, someone will say the same about my photographs in 50 years!! Although I doubt it!!

Apologies for these not being “clickable”.

Anyway that’s all for now!

Keep shooting



Riding the rails..and stuff

Finally got my X-T3 back, actually a brand new replacement (thank you Fuji UK and London Camera Exchange Newcastle).

So I have been giving it a bit of a try out.

Took the metro (only running 20 minutes late due to trees on the power lines) out to the Airport and back, finishing in Newcastle centre.

I forgot to mention that I took my camera to “the match” last Saturday too..but not talking about that!!

More here

Until next time Keep warm and keep shooting!


Five Things..

Random thoughts ..

5 Books You should read

  1. “Norwegian Wood” Haruki Murakami
  2. “Berlin Trilogy” Philip Kerr
  3. “Post Office” Charles Bukowski
  4. “Just Kids” Patti Smith
  5. “The Sweet Forever” George Pelecanos

5 Films You should see

  1. “Almost Famous”
  2. “Pulp Fiction”
  3. “No Country For Old Men”
  4. “Don’t Look Back”
  5. “The Sting”

5 Albums you should listen to (then buy)

  1. “Blood On The Tracks” Bob Dylan
  2. “St Dominic’s Preview” Van Morrison
  3. “Harvest” Neil Young
  4. “Nebraska” Bruce Springsteen
  5. “Takin’ My Time” Bonnie Raitt

5 Poets You should look up

  1. Charles Bukowski
  2. Patti Smith
  3. Jack Kerouac
  4. Alan Ginsberg
  5. Leonard Cohen

5 Things you should do

  1. Hug your children/grandchildren/dog/cat/pet (unless a fish or dangerous)
  2. Stand on a hill alone and empty your head
  3. Drive as far as you can North on one tank of fuel (or South if you live in John O Groats)
  4. Don’t watch TV/internet/ for 48 hours
  5. Do a few lists of “5 things” and share on a blog

5 Famous photographers work you should look up

  1. Gary Winogrand
  2. Tish Murtha
  3. Joel Meyerowitz
  4. William Klein
  5. Robert Frank

5 Not Famous Photographers you should look up (on Instagram)

  1. SixStreetunder
  2. Nostalgia_kid
  3. Fujifilm.street.shooter
  4. ChrisHarrisonstreet
  5. Lang_shot_photography

Maybe more later….probably not!!

Take care…


Just a normal Saturday… Newcastle

I bought a new Fuji camera (the X-T3) a few weeks ago..but it wasn’t working I was lent a X-H1 until mine was replaced. The above were taken over about a 2 hour period last Sat afternoon.

There a days when Street Photography gives me nothing and I feel like shooting landscapes or throwing my cameras away. Then a Saturday comes along!

Keep shooting.

John Jobling

Fujifilm X100F Streetshooter

Just an update. All Newcastle as per usual. I did have a day trip arranged last week, but I was a bit under the weather so I cancelled.

Anyway I still always find people/things to shoot in “toon” as we call it up here!

Kiosk – Newcastle Bus Station
Monument Folk
Skater (I always seem to shoot board skaters!)
Cigar Smoke!


Passing The “Garter”…
Spider Man
In A Sec…

There you go….

All shot using my trusty Fuji X100F.  For those interested this has a fixed 23mm lens (giving a 35mm film equivalent).


My street baby

As always, more images on my website and on my Instagram (where you get daily pics and additions to my story.


Thanks for reading.  Please share and comments always welcome.

Until next time, keep shooting.

Bye for now




Not Enough Time…

Even though I am retired and technically have all the time in the world (which I do really!) my use and application of it seems to watch the sand fall through my fingers!

What with looking after the Grandchildren over the school holidays and other mundane “housekeeping” stuff of life, I find my time for the “art” stuff I want to do…photography, music, writing, reading etc is squeezed all the time.  This means I flit like the proverbial butterfly from one thing to another.

My photography is my main interest…so that suffers less and I can do it whenever really.

So anyway…enough of me moaning (and apologies to those with 12 hour a day jobs etc) here are some photographs!!


Okay, I think that’s enough for now..I think they are all from about 3 different days of shooting!

I’m pretty certain they are all using the Fuji X100F (although the second image of the blonde girl on the wall was my X-T2).
Hope you like my latest Street Photography work.

As always, please comment and share as you feel appropriate.  I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about equipment, technique or tips.

I have a new book out on Street Photography – which can be purchased here..

Thank you for reading.  Until next time – Keep Shooting


Newcastle Pride March 2018

This was the first Pride March I had attended in Newcastle (or anywhere else for that matter).  I am not sure exactly how many have been on in the city..but I know there have been a few.  I also shot some video, so will do a Youtube pic/video production when I can.  Editing video takes ages!

It was a great day for a march.  Very hot and sunny.  I don’t know the exact numbers but many thousands attended.  The march went down Northumberland Street in the city then across town to a local park where there were amusements set up, with a music tent, stalls and basically a place to gather and have a full time. The march was very colourful and represented the whole LGBT community.  I was taken as to how many businesses and companies were keen to represent themselves and basically take part in the march.
The over riding thing for me was how many smiling faces there were!! Everyone was enjoing themselves from marchers to some amazed shoppers and bystanders.  Let’s face it flamboyance was def the theme of the day.

I did manage to get some great images.  Here is a flavour of the day.



Many more images from the day available on my various social media places.

Thanks for looking/reading