As October becomes a memory..

My record of it in photographs can be viewed here

October – Street Photography

My best Street photos of the month collated here.

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….was a great day photography wise. Even though the “weather gods” did not look in a good mood as it was dull and cold as I headed into town.

But as a street photographer there is that few hours where characters and situations are everywhere! It happens rarely, but when it does embrace it! The sun even came out for 15 minutes towards 3pm. In this northern location that means its low as it blasts through city buildings and gaps to blind people turning corners but creating lovely shadows for us light gatherers.

I heard a lovely comment on a terrific photography podcast by UNofPhotography

It was from renowned photographer Chris Harrison (not my friend of the same name — it’s this one Chris Harrison ) who said “photography doesn’t capture light, it captures time”. At times like yesterday, I agree.

Anyway enough waffle.. here are some images

As I said more on my website here Latest Images

As always keep shooting and be nice to each other!


A Video For August…

I’ve been trying to put up on YouTube a record of my Street Photography using the shots from the previous month to give an overall “feel” of the period.

This is now done for August.

Result is here for those interested. (I know a couple of my followers receive notifications anyway, for which I’m humbly grateful!)

August Street Photograph Video

There are a few images that can be considered out-takes I haven’t posted before too.

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On The Road Again

My friend Chris (he’s in so many of my stories on here you would think we were married 🤣😂 – mind we bicker like a married couple!) was supposed to be doing a model shoot yesterday and I was his designated driver. The model cancelled late on Sunday night so rather than waste the day we decided to have a mini road trip to Durham City.

September is often one of the nicest summer months in the UK. Never at it’s hottest, it is usually bright and crisp. So it was yesterday. Durham is having a bit of redevelopment going on (what UK City isn’t) but it isn’t overwhelming. Also still a big draw for tourist groups of course.

Here are a few images I took from the day.

More can be seen on my website Durham Road Trip

You can see Chris Harrison’s pics here Chris – Durham Images

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Another video…

Yes my cinematography skills were called into action again on Friday. My usual partner in crime Chris (see his “stuff” here Chris Harrison Photos ) was doing one of his location model shoots. He asked if I would make a video of them both.

This is the result. (Note – model is tattooed and scantily clad (no nudity tho) and there is a single use of the F word at the beginning.).

Ash – Under The Bridge

Hope you enjoy it. From a technical point of view I think it’s one of my best.

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Just two pictures….

…. I thought I would share these with you.

I was shooting at Newcastle Quayside today. I was finishing up and heading home when these two ladies were browsing a stall.

I grabbed the first shot…(she is looking so intently as she thinks she is “in my shot”…not realising she is “the shot”) and kept clicking and captured her (out of focus in shot one) friend as she passed.

Rounded off a fruitful couple of hours photography wise.

Keep shooting and take care


Those interested can see the rest of the days shots here September Images

Newcastle Mela

What is a “Mela” I hear some of you ask?

According to their website it’s

” a free event, based around Pakistani, Bengali, Indian and other South Asian cultures. The event is open to all public and encourages an audience from a variety of backgrounds to attend its annual grand festival. It is a true display of diversity within Newcastle upon Tyne. People come from far and wide to: learn; be entertained; enjoy cuisine; dance to new music; experience fine art and cultures from around the world and meet new people. All this for free and on your doorstep!
With a line up including the hottest contemporary Asian acts as well as traditional displays of music and dance it’s an event which has historically appealed to all ages and races for generations.”.

It’s on over Bank Holiday weekend and I trotted along around 3pm on the Monday hoping to avoid the midday heat. Unfortunately it was still very very hot at 3pm!

But this is really a colourful family occasion with plenty of “phot ops” for us street photographers!

So here is hopefully a flavour of the event and people who make it.

You can see more here on my website Mela images (includes a few “non Mela” ones too). I am still editing so will be adding some more in a couple of days.

Enjoy the sun while it’s here (UK folks).

Keep shooting!