Catch Up Time – Modelshoots

As always…fallen behind in posting my photoshoot work.  Although I did my last shoot around the beginning of December model wise.

Anyway…These are some of the lovely ladies I have been working with since…well my last post.

Beth Arum

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

Sophia Jane Bell

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I was also asked if `i would document a model’s tattoo

This is Sam (Tattoist is Spike)

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

Beth Dalton

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

and finally (for now)


J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

Had quite a few photoshoots recently..(NSFW)

Hi folks

I have been really fortunate to work with some wonderful models recently. Most of my work can be found on my Flickr account. is a flavour..

Anna Fizzy

Paris Jones


Rachie Bowman


And finally I was helping out a great photographer (Chris Harrison – on here as Grime & Glamour) shoot the lovely Lizzie Faith.  These are some behind the scenes shots.

I have about 3/4 more shoots coming up before I take a break from shooting models until after the New Year. I will post as and when I get them done.

Take care


I leave photography for a brief moment..

My other passion is being a fan of Newcastle United. (A “soccer” team for those in the colonies.

This is my thoughts from yesterday

Went to my first Newcastle away game in ages (going to Stadium of Shite, our arch rivals Sunderlands home ground, doesn’t count). Had a great time in Preston as the memories came flooding back. No knee room in back of car, eating your sarnies by 11:30, making your carry on bottles last, parking a mile away from ground for that “beat the traffic getaway” – and the 15 min walk back as the driver and other passengers walk like those Olympic blokes with the funny action. Only sitting down for half time, putting up with the pissheads who can’t be arsed to check their tickets and just barge into a row and stand there, secretly puffing on a stinking e cig.

But…. Still that terrific feeling when (against the odds) your psycho forward scores two goals in 10 minutes and, in spite of 9 minutes added time you hang on for the win!!! If Carling did away games….
Oh…did I mention – hearing the Mackems lose 4-1 at home!!

(I only had 2 bottles and a twix left for the journey home).
May be a while before my next one…..


I’m surprising myself..

I remember I have this blog thing! 

I had another photoshoot this week. It’s a brilliant model called Sway (obviously not her real name..but she’s a model). I worked with her before but that was on location. This shoot was in a studio (Ivy Studio in Newcastle. I can highly recommend. Good rates, nice owner and good facilities)

The shoot was a bit of a varied one. Sway is massively into Japanese art and culture so we shot some Seifuku based stuff then Carried on using storage rooms etc (I love shooting in unusual parts of a building ) to do some harnessed lingerie etc. These images are a flavour for now. I will put up a fuller set when editing done. If I remember. 



Blog to follow..

I normally let people take their own path as to what to follow,read look at etc. 

But if I may take a minute to check this guy out. Yes, he’s a good friend of mine. But, without him I wouldn’t be doing the photography I do now. That’s model stuff and street photography. 

He has an interesting outlook on life (he’s also one of the best photographers I know -but this is his general musings sometimes funny always interesting

Latest Photoshoot

Paris Jones is a lovely young lady from Newcastle. She works hard during the day and goes to college on an evening to help her achieve her aim of being an actress/model. She also is extremely fashion conscious with a great way with make up. Anyway we hooked up for what was only her second photoshoot. These are some of the results. 

Sorry…I’m a bad blogger 

I don’t post much….blame that Facebook, Twitter media thingys…they suck your life. 

Anyway –


Sold all my Nikon stuff (D800, lenses) and exchanged it for a Fuji X-T2. It adds to my lil X-T10 and its lenses. 

Still doing shoots – model and street. I even took some landscape stuff to test the new camera. 

These, in no specific order are some examples. 

Paris Jones


Like buses…

Do one post after 2 months…then another after 2 days!

But….I read that Google were giving away a whole Suite of programs to aid photo editing. This is the Nik Suite which includes Silver Efx and Dfine etc. Usual price around £150. 

This was to good to miss – so I downloaded it and tried it on my recent “vintage” shoot. Results were very impressive I must say. Although I think photographers need to be careful not to overuse…they are definitely another string to our bow. 

Here are a few examples …

Model :Jennifer Michaela 

You can find the download here (no spam etc or adverts seem to be part of the deal. Works for Mac and Windows)