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…milk it for every single drop 🤣🤣

I may go back….

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For the “gear” fans my camera was a Fuji X-T3 with a 50mm f2 lens. I use a Classic Chrome film simulation in camera. I shoot jpeg mainly with minor adjustments (crop, levels, contrast etc) in Lightroom.

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Newcastle Times

More street photographs from a couple of days last week in Newcastle.

I also bumped into fellow photographer Chris who was doing a model shoot near the Theatre Royal. Here are a few pics of Chris, Chloe & Sammie

That’s it for now. You can find links to more of my work on my other blog posts.

Keep safe!


October’s Here…

It was sunny today so I met up (well socially distanced and outdoors) two fellow photographers in town (Newcastle if you aren’t a regular follower!).

Here are some of the results

Hope you like them (was blessed with great light today)

For those interested my camera today was the Fuji X-T3 with a 50mm f2 attached.

Thanks for looking, comments and questions welcome.


Street Photography – Newcastle

I hadn’t been out for well over a week. New Covid restrictions brought into my area and other bad news on the Virus front had left me pretty “down” to be fair. Looking like we are facing another 6 months of Government incompetence, conflicting Scientific advice and information. It’s not a good time generally right now.

But I forced myself to get out with my camera yesterday. So here are some of the results. (Technically not all “Street” – but it is all Newcastle!!)

That’s all for now.
If you want to see more of my work my Street images can be found on my website here https://johnjobling.smugmug.com/Fuji-Pics/Latest-Street-Images/Lockdown-2020/

Stay Safe


Chloe – Model Shoot

Once again I tagged along with a photographer friend to photograph a really lovely model Chloe. The shoot was supposed to be outside on location but the weather wasn’t the best. So we utilised Chloe’s flat, which was packed with some great stuff (and her 4 kittens!).

Here are a few shots from the afternoon.

You can see all of the images from the shoot here Chloe

Hope you enjoyed! More of my normal “Street Stuff” next time.

Stay safe


Post more often…

…..you said! So your wish etc! Here are some street photos I took around Newcastle yesterday.

As you can see weather was “variable” in town yesterday.

Thanks for looking. Comments and questions always welcome (although to pre-empt a couple..”No, I don’t ask permission” and “it’s not illegal or against the Law”).

Until next time. Stay safe!


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Photos From A Friday

Newcastle folk captured on …a Friday!

Last one for today….

Until next time….although I was up photographing/videoing a horse and it’s rider at 6:30am this morning !! So maybe I will share those next!

Stay safe!