Lisa Marie Thompson (1)

Lisa is a model I have wanted to shoot for ages. Finally got that chance last week. Our two initial locations fell through, then Lisa said how about Tanfield Railway? This is a volunteer run steam railway. It doesn’t steam during the week, and it was a bit of a cold miserable day so was very quiet with just a few guys doing maintenance. 

Lisa is one of those models who is ready to try anything to help the photographer – in this case me! – get a great image. If you look closely on some you will see the goosebumps!!



3 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Thompson (1)

  1. Very nice, Do you do this in a club, or employ the model for the day yourself? There was a time when this kind of glamour shoot was very popular. Maybe it still is, for all I know.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. No “club” involved. The model is generally booked for a couple of hours. Some get paid some work TFP. Time for prints (images). They give their time and get pictures in return.

      Pictures of pretty girls will always be popular!

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      1. Indeed they will. Nice to know it isn’t one of those – rather cheesy- clubs. I hope my questions do not irritate you? I am genuinely interested in what you do. I didn’t realise that there was still such a ‘glamour’ market around, in these days of Internet images for ‘free’.
        Best wishes, Pete.


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