Pre Shoot…

It’s weird that pre-shoot time. It’s about 8:45am I have a shoot in Middlesborough (about 55 miles away) at 11:30. 

The pre-comms, as they are known, have been excellent. The model involved goes under the name of Betty   D’Vine. I haven’t worked with her before but she has had some terrific thoughts about the shoot. We have been exchanging messages for about a month and I have seen pics of what seems like her whole wardrobe!

But although I have been doing this form of photography for well over a year now, I still get pre shoot nerves. 

Firstly, the weather. We are working in a Park. Currently it’s overcast. Forecast is dry. That’s good. Bright sunshine can often be a nightmare for fashion type photography – all those shadows and squinting eyes!!  But…pleeze No Rain!!

Secondly, I haven’t been to this location before. Will it fit the shoot idea? Will it be over run with yobs keen on disruption? Can I find it? Is there somewhere to shoot if it rains? Anywhere for the model to get changed?

Then other stuff- will the model and I hit it off okay. I think we will. We are on the same wavelength. That’s why pre-comms so vital. Can I pull off what we are both looking for picture wise?

And this is my hobby 😄!!

Well, I will post some images up here so you can see how it’s gone! 

The theme??? That’s a secret – wait and see!!


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