“It’s the same old story” (some NSFW)

(Rocking Magpie will “get” the title referencešŸ˜€. Check the guys blog out by the way. One of the best reviewers around!)

Ok- pleading lack of time …and a touch of manful…for being tardy on posting this time. 

But a few more from recent shoots for you. Also have some great photo shoots lined up. 

Annabelle (NSFW)


Maris (pronounced Mar..ees)




More later!

Been a busy photographer!

I haven’t had much time to post I’m afraid.Ā  I seem to have had quite a few photoshoots stacked up recently.

I thought I would share some of my images from those shoots.

First up



This is Rachie

Rachie Rachie Rachie Rachie

Caitlyn Kitty Misfit


and finally..



Will put up more from these shoots when I get a chance!!