Should “Street” Photography have rules?

The title came about from reading this article

In it Street photographer Jonathon Higby considers why street photography must bow to “rules”. 

Now while I predominately shoot fashion and glamour models I do like to do “street” stuff for my own pleasure. It’s a great way to get creative juices flowing – and no pressure! 

But what are my internal “rules”

Well :

1) I don’t stage shots. I ocassionally ask if the subject would mind if I took the shot..but that is very rare. 

2) no extensive photoshop work. I crop images, adjust light levels a bit. But no re-touching, manipulation etc. I do convert to black and white and adjust contrast. 

3) no intrusion of what I would call personal issues. That means the mentally ill, homeless, down and outs etc. I am also not really trying to make political statements. 

4) very very rarely children. It’s sad but nowadays single 60 plus single males with a camera near children are seen as a “threat” that exercises the sensibilities of well…everyone!  Not worth the hassle 

5) I reserve the right to amend and bend my rules as and when I see fit. 

My advice to people thinking of trying this genre? Go for will be surprised how much fun it is!

My gear is usually my Fuji XT-10 and 35mm lens. 



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