It’s been how long!!??….

Since I posted?

Can’t believe my last one was in January. I do apologise…although looking at my stats nobody will have noticed 😉’s pics you prob want. 

I have eased off my model/glamour/fashion shoots recently. Been a couple of reasons – a few of my subjects (with honourable exceptions) have given minimal feedback/shares etc and I have had contact with some want to be models who’s attitude/treatment/communication – or lack of it – has left a lot to be desired, and basically pissed me off! So I have been re-evaluating. I won’t be stopping just less volume more quality!  

I have however been increasing my street photography. I have had a real kick out of using my Fuji XT-10 wandering around the Newcastle area! 

Anyway some pics :-

The lovely Steph on location in Craster/Warkworth

Sithembile – Newcastle fashion shoot

Jennifer on a great Vintage shoot in The Twisted Lip bar in Middlesbrough

Christina – studio shoot

And finally some examples from my street stuff 

Hopefully, won’t be as long a wait until my next blog post. 

Any comments appreciated. 

Take care




8 thoughts on “It’s been how long!!??….

      1. You need to follow other photography types and comment on their stuff, then most will do likewise back at you. got to give a bit to start with :). Have look at mine as quite a few togs comment on mine and you can see their stuff too and they’ll reciprocate 🙂


      2. Yep when you do a post if you look round the screen you’ll find a bit where you can add tags, not sure if you on a iPad or PC either way it’s there, you add tags like ‘photography’ ‘travel’ ‘model’ etc etc whatever relates to your photo. Also there’s a section for categories, do the same, add to photography etc etc then your posts will show up in the photography thread and anyone looking through the photography section in the reader will see your post and if they like it they’ll give it a star and maybe follow you from there. Follow my blog and you’ll see my posts in your reader.

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