I leave photography for a brief moment..

My other passion is being a fan of Newcastle United. (A “soccer” team for those in the colonies.

This is my thoughts from yesterday

Went to my first Newcastle away game in ages (going to Stadium of Shite, our arch rivals Sunderlands home ground, doesn’t count). Had a great time in Preston as the memories came flooding back. No knee room in back of car, eating your sarnies by 11:30, making your carry on bottles last, parking a mile away from ground for that “beat the traffic getaway” – and the 15 min walk back as the driver and other passengers walk like those Olympic blokes with the funny action. Only sitting down for half time, putting up with the pissheads who can’t be arsed to check their tickets and just barge into a row and stand there, secretly puffing on a stinking e cig.

But…. Still that terrific feeling when (against the odds) your psycho forward scores two goals in 10 minutes and, in spite of 9 minutes added time you hang on for the win!!! If Carling did away games….
Oh…did I mention – hearing the Mackems lose 4-1 at home!!

(I only had 2 bottles and a twix left for the journey home).
May be a while before my next one…..



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