Street Photography – catch up

I realised that while I have posted a few of my recent model shoots, I have neglected recording my “street” stuff and “cafe society” work.

So here is a selection from the last couple of months. Mainly, as usual, around Newcastle. Although I have ventured further afield so there may be some Whitley Bay and (Gulp!!) Berwick included. One of my aims is to travel further afield.

I didn’t “do” the Hoppings or Town Moor as I have never liked fairgrounds – great photo ops that they are. To get a flavour of that may I recommend two other great blogs on here by friends of mine Chris Harrison and CJ. Well worth following

Chris Harrison’s street stuff
Fragglerocks stuff
Anyway here’s the pics

Fun????? When was it FUN!!

Berwick couple

Bridges over the TweedEngrossed

Quilliams Tea Room

My mate Chris!

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Ashleigh – quick shoot

My average time on a photoshoot is usually a couple of hours. But I had a shoot arranged with a model, Ashleigh Foster, who I have worked with a couple of times before. But on this occasion the shoot was the day before she was jetting off to Corfu and she had a zillion jobs to do. So when I arrived it was to a stressed lady who informed me I only had about an hour. I think the pressure helped…because we got some brill stuff.

Here’s a few from the session


My second photo shoot with this kooky (in the nicest way!) model. 

Jazz is one sure fire free spirit! The closest to a real “hip” hippy as I will get I think. 

She likes blue – the colour, and trees and nature generally. Embraces veganism and I love her to bits!!