Bit depressing really…

1 view……all day…. 

I post all over and this takes time to do…may have to reconsider 

Then again it’s probably because my blogs not interesting enough?

Whether I post street pics..

Or shots from my model shoots…

More later….maybe! 

Keep shooting 


3 thoughts on “Bit depressing really…

  1. Hard to believe you only got 1 view. Great street shots, and nice glamour work too.

    I saw your comment on Fragglerocking, and came over to browse your posts. I get around 100+ views a day on my blog. When I post photos, that rises to well over 200. And my photos are taken using a compact or bridge camera, with no post-processing or additional lighting devices; just reduced size jpegs straight from the camera. Here’s an example of such a post, This got over 180 views on the day, 40+ likes, and numerous comments.

    I’m the first to admit that the photos are not great. They were all taken using a Sony RX10 that I am still ‘playing’ with. But I have spent five years building a reasonable blogging community, and can count on a fair bit of interaction, as well as a real interest in photos of where I have been.

    Your photo of the elderly Japanese man carrying all that camera kit was great, and many of your street candids are first-rate. But with so many photo blogs around, it’s a crowded market, and you have to develop that group feeling, interacting with many other blogs too. For all I know, you may well be doing all this already. 🙂
    I currently follow 80-odd blogs, which is as much as I can cope with, and I’m retired. However, i will also follow your blog, as I really enjoy the random nature of your shots.

    Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.


    1. Pete
      So kind of you to to follow me, and I appreciate the comments you made very much.

      I honestly think I was just feeling sorry for myself when I posted my comment.

      I also need to get some new blogs done. I have a couple of model shoots to share and a lot more street stuff to put up. I’m also working on a little “project” I’m trying to pull together.

      But thanks for following, I will return the favour myself.

      Onwards and upwards!!


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