(Not Really) Newcastle Car Show

Newcastle upon Tyne hosted a pretty big Car Show event this weekend. You know the thing – supercars you only see on Top Gear, up market vehicles etc that have petrol heads swooning. I didn’t bother going on the Saturday as had other plans, but Chris Harrison and I wandered there on the Sunday to try and capture the mood etc. 

You can see Chris’s work (I highly recommend having a look at this guys work) here http://grimeandglamourdiary.tumblr.com/

Anyway, upon arrival at Grays Monument – well known Newcastle meeting point at the top of the beautiful Gray Street- cars stretched for miles. Well I assume they did because they were submerged in people!! 

The place was heaving and as we wandered around Chris and I concurred that “this was a dead loss”! 

So we both just basically said “let’s just do our normal street stuff”. 

So here it is. My “feel” of the Newcastle Car Show. Sorry petrol heads..not many cars to drool over! 

Actually to be fair, I do have a few car type shots so I may do a part 2!

Keep shooting!

Cars,street,candid,Fuji,Fuji X Series,X-T2,Newcastle Upon Tyne


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