Choices are hard…

In life generally..of course.  But you know this is going to be photography orientated right?

I take a load of photographs whether I’m doing a model shoot or a street shoot.  Model shoots its obvious why…different poses, trying to capture “the look”, the angles, a certain feel etc. So when it comes to editing I maybe have 200 to 300 plus images to go through and I whittle it down to around 30 final edits – which I then work on to publish (publish ha ha – that for me means go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Viewbug and of course on my blog here!) and to send to the model to use herself.

For my street photography though its more complex.  I rarely have more than one single shot of a “scene”. I see something or someone and…”click” then its gone (that Cartier- Bresson moment thingy – although apparently he posed a lot of his stuff!!).

Like this shot….She walked across the square.. I grabbed the shot.  I could have stalked her for more..but why? I got her…and we have laws and stuff about stalking!
J W Jobling

No – where I am heading with this is which images do I choose from a days street shooting to share with “my public”?

What I tend to do is go through my shots from the day, hour, whatever and delete the out of focus, or just obviously shit ones, and the ones that are what I call “nothing shots” Like this…. A nothing shot – although a one about 10 secs later with the guy with the book..was a keeper!

J W Jobling

But then I find myself having a real dilemma about what is a good shot (notice I said good – I haven’t yet got great!)

Some stand out -straight away to me….

Like these…

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

There’s that guy with the book….

J W Jobling

But…what about these next ones? Part of me is going “yeah they are fine”…but my other half of my brain is saying “Nahh!!”

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling all this an excuse to show of my photos from a really good day around Newcastle yesterday?
Anyway..a blogs a blog right?

Oh by the way you can catch all my street stuff here

and here (This is a little project I have called Cafe Society)

Until next time….keep shooting!

Bye for now.




3 thoughts on “Choices are hard…

  1. Photos on a blog are a different animal to photos for a book, or an article. You have to take the shots that call to you to be taken, and remember why you took them. For yourself.
    To my mind, they all have merit. In two hundred years from now, they will be ‘fascinating historical documents’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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