I really hate Christmas

I’m sorry. I know I have a reputation as a grump (probably deserved!) but this time of year really brings it out in me.

It’s the forced “jollyness”, the shops starting the “season” on the first of November, the 100% disruption to bloody everything, writing Christmas Cards, the missus saying (every 15 minutes) “we need to get the kids presents wrapped” – knowing we will leave it until 2 days before Christmas Eve as always. It’s the thinking of presents to get – kids/grandkids are easy they provide long lists – just add money and there you go. No it’s the fact I’ve been married over 40 years…I’ve bought everything it’s possible to buy my good wife..EVERYTHING!!! I’m “ideared” out! We also have a couple of friends we buy each other presents for..once again it’s been 35 years of Christmasses for gawds sake!!

I think, even if I was religious (which I’m not) I would be fed up with it. It’s all “business” of some form or other. We are brainwashed into how to behave at this Festival like no other I think.

I do actually feel really sorry for families/people who do struggle generally throughout the year to make ends meet. It must be an ever bigger nightmare for them…especially when the Christmas Bill hangover hits in January.

So I’m sorry…but just not feeling it even more than usual this year.

Normal service (may) be resumed in 2018!!

Hey…Been A While…

Hi there folks..

Apologies…I know I promised some new stuff…I have been lax!!  No excuses either..just laziness.

Last time out I said I had some new street stuff to share with you.  This is it.  I have been really working the Fuji X100F…its just so perfect for street.  Its light, nobody notices it and above all it gets great images.

Here is a flavour for you…

J W Jobling

I started taking the 100F to some of the Newcastle United games I go to.  There is a great opportunity to “people watch” there I think..

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling


there is a great street photographer on Instagram I folloe..I really love his style…he also does some great silhouette work.. I cant work out how he does it yet.  But check out Craig Whiteheads work https://www.instagram.com/sixstreetunder/

J W Jobling

J W Jobling


I am not a fan of “Colour Popping” but I thought this statue on Remembrance day worked with it. J W Jobling


I really like this one.. I call “The Generation gap”J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

And finally …for now…

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to comment below.
Until next time…keep shooting.