Gretchen Peters & Kim Richey Sage Gateshead, 23rd May 2018

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gretchen SAGE 1

Gretchen Peters & Kim Richey
Sage Gateshead
23rd May 2018

So far in 2018 I’ve listened to some amazing albums from artists across the globe, criss crossing all of the Roots genres. Two of the very best have come from long term RMHQ favourite Gretchen Peters and a new name to me, Kim Richey; so the opportunity to see both ladies at the magnificent Sage Concert Hall in Gateshead was too good to miss.
As I stood beside the stage, camera in hand I was surprised to see that people were taking their seats behind the stage on the third tier of Hall 2 meaning that this concert was very close to being a Sell Out…….which is a good thing.
A nervous looking, but smiling Kim Richey opened proceedings with a charming preamble to Chinese Boxes from her 2007 album of the same name, and the song itself was absolutely…

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My First Public Exhibition

I must admit I was really nervous about this exhibition. I’ve recently become part of a small collective (5 of us) of street photographers from the Newcastle Area. One of our number arranged for us to put on a small exhibition as part of The Late Shows event in Newcastle over the weekend of 18-20th May. Our venue was a volunteer run cinema called The Star and Shadow Cinema, which has re-opened after a venue move and rebuilding.

All my time as a photographer I have never had my images on display outside of social media. So it was very nerve racking having 7 of my images printed and framed then put on show next to 21 others. The pictures were actually on display in the passageway leading into the venue so nearly everyone went past them at some point.

What I really enjoyed was the large number of people who stopped and looked for some time at each image, making comments to their friends. Then when some actually talked to us photographers asking questions and making observations on our photography style etc. To me that is what stood out. Nowadays it’s all about likes and 1 sec glances at images on Facebook, Instagram et al. Which is the current and future way images are generally viewed (I do understand and accept that). But the visceral feeling of your photograph on a wall being looked at by strangers…one of the most humbling and pleasant things on my photographic journey.

Hopefully this will be the first of many such events. But if it’s the last..I will cherish it forever.

These are the various links to the NE1 Street Collective and the individual Instagram links.

NE1 Street Collective

Hazel Plater

Chris Harrison

Maria Maza

Colin Bell


Photo Tour pt.6: Hitching to Carlisle

Lee and Jazzbell’s blogs are always entertaining. Get him followed!!


We were supposed to check out of the hostel at like 10:30 and I’ve started this sentence like we were massively late when in fact we were out by 10:36 so yeah considering I’m travelling with Jazz that’s like a record or something. We grabbed some cardboard from the Lidl next door and headed to the Clyde to write Carlisle on it.


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Been a bad, bad Blogger..

As every day goes by I think “need to post some stuff on my WordPress account, it’s been ages…”.

Not much words..(I type this while looking out of window every 5 minutes wondering where the lens I ordered is! I rarely buy from strangers online, but this was a good deal and I did as much checking as I could. Seller says been picked up and on it’s way. But, the delivery tracking reference doesn’t work….and….I’m the nervous type!!)

I am still just doing “street” photography at the moment. I did photograph a model last week but it was an off the cuff thing really as we met for a coffee on her birthday and she asked if I would take some pics of her. I only had my Fuji X100f with me. There was a park opposite the cafe and the sun was shining so –


My good friend Chris and I had a couple of trips out to Scarborough and Hexham with mixed results from the latter.



Otherwise mainly been around Newcastle.

I am excited about two items of “news”

I have become a member of a recently formed Street Photography Collective called NE1 Street Collective

NE1 Street Collective

We are 5 like minded Newcastle based photographers who have been working together for a few months now. We have an exhibition of our work this weekend in Newcastle as part of the Cities Late Shows programme.

Late show details

And I have pulled a small book together of my recent Street images. Mainly for my benefit but it is technically for sale here

Northern Souls

But you can preview it without buying it! I would be interested hearing what you think.

That’s it for now. I will leave you with a few recent images.

Until next time…keep shooting!


Using Shadows In Street Photography

Excellent little article…with useful tips and great images.

Chris Harrison Photo Blog

We are often told when doing photography, not to shoot in strong sunlight as it creates harsh shadows. Especially mid day when the sun is at its highest. It is true of course that the sun does create very hard shadows at midday, so that is exactly when I set out to shoot.

Last Friday ( 4th May 2018) was a beautiful day and I went out with my camera with the simple plan of making images using very hard shadows. It’s a little bit hit and miss when you try this but eventually you get it right-or you get lucky.

Both work.

One of the things to aim for is finding a shaft of light , so that when people pass through or stand in that light you can press the shutter and get the shot. The next three images worked very well for that.  The first one presented…

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