Newcastle Pride March 2018

This was the first Pride March I had attended in Newcastle (or anywhere else for that matter).  I am not sure exactly how many have been on in the city..but I know there have been a few.  I also shot some video, so will do a Youtube pic/video production when I can.  Editing video takes ages!

It was a great day for a march.  Very hot and sunny.  I don’t know the exact numbers but many thousands attended.  The march went down Northumberland Street in the city then across town to a local park where there were amusements set up, with a music tent, stalls and basically a place to gather and have a full time. The march was very colourful and represented the whole LGBT community.  I was taken as to how many businesses and companies were keen to represent themselves and basically take part in the march.
The over riding thing for me was how many smiling faces there were!! Everyone was enjoing themselves from marchers to some amazed shoppers and bystanders.  Let’s face it flamboyance was def the theme of the day.

I did manage to get some great images.  Here is a flavour of the day.



Many more images from the day available on my various social media places.

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New Video on Youtube

As you folks know  I do videos occasionally…

I have a new one (based around footage and stills I took at the Town moor last month) online.

This is the link…

Hope you enjoy it…if you do hit the video thumbs up button….and if you subscribe to my “channel” you will see when I do them in future.

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A Street Photography Tip…(You probably know)..Very Image Heavy

I am the last person to give out tips on anything to do with photography, especially street photography.  So many other photographers much better qualified than me to do this.  I also struggle to articulate what’s in my head.  I’m much better speaking “one to one”. “Well, do a Youtube video” I hear you say…… Err no thanks.  I have a face and personality fit for radio!

Okay, I came up with this little post from a days shooting I did yesterday.  I ended up with some shots I really liked…but it took some time and patience to get what I wanted. But there is one I thought I could share.  Maybe for the beginners out there.

Have Patience

Sometimes you find a great backdrop that you just know will have the makings of a good image.  (Maybe you have seen other photographers use a similar technique).  So you take a shot…say like this…

J W Jobling

Now…you think to yourself…If only the right person came to stand under that would be funny of raise a smile. Well I thought the same…so I waited and waited…a few people walked past


J W Jobling

Maybe..but nopeJ W Jobling

Ahhh…Hang on…maybe..

J W Jobling

Yep…this is the one! (okay not ideal, but you get the idea..) I did crop this one in a bit.

I maybe could have stayed a little longer to be honest…but it was a very quiet back street and not much happening.

Its also worth shooting in “burst” or “drive” mode…so you can pick the best moment.  I will give that Tip as an extra – Tip 1.1

Here is another example

The “BOSS”advert was crying out to be used..again I just waited on the opposite side of the road.  The trick is to get shots of everyone…You won’t know whats good or bad until you unload the images off your camera and examine on your PC (I personally never “chimp” ie check my shots in camera as I shoot, I wait until much later to review)

So as you can see….a few people walked past..

J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

Hmmm…I liked this one

J W Jobling

But…the girl in yellow hat….more of what I wantedJ W Jobling

Not yet…..

J W Jobling


J W Jobling

YES!!  This was the one – again cropped in of course.

These two were too late…

J W JoblingJ W Jobling

Then I was in my favourite cafe sitting in the window…I love this place.  It has a cool interior has great service, friendly staff and terrific food. It’s next to/part of Popolos Bar on Sandhill in Newcastle. It used to be called the Long Play Cafe….but I digress ….Note: must do a cafe blog sometime……… anyway…back to pics.

I literally was in there for two hours.  Like I said I had a great window seat..and its a busy street outside…with outside tables…

So…I took lots of images.J W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W JoblingJ W Jobling

You get the idea?? Shoot…think later…

These were my final edits from that set.

So you have to go through quite a few Indecisive Moments to capture the Decisive one!! You can also realise how many shots I never used at all!

Finally…(why explain a point when you can rub it in ad-naueseum…). Newcastle has a Metro (underground) system…where the steps from it unfold into the main square in the City.  With the Sun shining behind me. I positioned myself above the yellow steps…and waited…then started shooting. I must have done this for around 15 minutes maybe..

Lots of great potential……

To finally have three shots to edit for posting etc.

I never really noticed the great reflection in the marble side (it looks like a mirror…but its just marble) until I came to edit.

and finally…my favourite shot of the whole day.

So to conclude…street photography can be more than just walking about taking random snapshots.  There is an element of that of course.  But the main attributes to have, in my opinion, are patience and perseverance.

Apologies again for the abundance of images.

Keep shooting.  As always comments and sharing welcome.


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More Fujifilm Street Shooting

Due to the excellent weather we have been having here in Newcastle I seem to have done nothing but take photographs!  Never a bad thing though is it?

Right…following my test and help from Fragglerocks Fragglerocking Blog I am going to be trying a new way of posting my images.  Hopefully this will allow people to view them in full size so to speak.  (Although most of my images are around 2,000 pixels on the longest edge – as this is best for the interwebby thingy)

I also have a new Street Photography Book out on Blurb.  You can preview some of it here..“Out On The Street” – Book link

Hope that gives you a flavour of the last couple of weeks!

As always more on my Instagram page and on my website joblingphotography

Keep Shooting.

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The Side Gallery

Chris, you have articulated my thoughts perfectly.

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I think in Newcastle, we are pretty spoilt. The beaches, the countryside, the city itself, and of course the people. Like any place there are also ‘hidden’ gems that not everyone knows about.

The Side Gallery is one such place. They have been around since 1977, and are part of the well know Amber Collective. Creatives and talented people who have been making films and promoting photography about, Newcastle, the north east, and the world at large, since they started. The images are always documentary in style and cover everything from , building the Tyne Bridge, to autism, homelessness, wars and one of my particular favourites from earlier this year, Looking for Lenin  (What happened to all the Lenin statues after they were knocked down, taken away or partially destroyed).


There are of course many, many other subjects that have been covered, and the whole history is available to…

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