The Side Gallery

Chris, you have articulated my thoughts perfectly.

Chris Harrison Photo Blog

I think in Newcastle, we are pretty spoilt. The beaches, the countryside, the city itself, and of course the people. Like any place there are also ‘hidden’ gems that not everyone knows about.

The Side Gallery is one such place. They have been around since 1977, and are part of the well know Amber Collective. Creatives and talented people who have been making films and promoting photography about, Newcastle, the north east, and the world at large, since they started. The images are always documentary in style and cover everything from , building the Tyne Bridge, to autism, homelessness, wars and one of my particular favourites from earlier this year, Looking for Lenin  (What happened to all the Lenin statues after they were knocked down, taken away or partially destroyed).


There are of course many, many other subjects that have been covered, and the whole history is available to…

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