Whitby Wander

My friend Chris (although we are more like an old married couple than friends I feel at times!! – sorry Chris!) had been chafing for a road trip. I had sketchily arranged 2 last month but cancelled both for various reasons. He wanted to go to Whitby a small seaside town (famous for being in Dracula story…sorry Fragglerocks http://fragglerocking.org is better than me at history stuff lol) near Scarborough.

It was an ok day. Threatened rain didn’t happen. It was busy and bustling (lots of day trippers!! So I struggled to get any good photos. I was a bit down during the day image wise. Company was good and we had a lot of laughs. Just photography wise it wasn’t working. Then in the last hour it clicked. Street photography is weird like that.

Here are my “keepers”. All Fuji X-T3

More on my website here

Whitby 2019

Until next time.. keep shooting.


9 thoughts on “Whitby Wander

  1. Whitby is a great place to visit, though perhaps better out of the main tourist season. I had the best fish and chips ever there! Nice shots, John. The little girl, and the old lady in the cafe are real classics!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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