Newcastle Mela

What is a “Mela” I hear some of you ask?

According to their website it’s

” a free event, based around Pakistani, Bengali, Indian and other South Asian cultures. The event is open to all public and encourages an audience from a variety of backgrounds to attend its annual grand festival. It is a true display of diversity within Newcastle upon Tyne. People come from far and wide to: learn; be entertained; enjoy cuisine; dance to new music; experience fine art and cultures from around the world and meet new people. All this for free and on your doorstep!
With a line up including the hottest contemporary Asian acts as well as traditional displays of music and dance it’s an event which has historically appealed to all ages and races for generations.”.

It’s on over Bank Holiday weekend and I trotted along around 3pm on the Monday hoping to avoid the midday heat. Unfortunately it was still very very hot at 3pm!

But this is really a colourful family occasion with plenty of “phot ops” for us street photographers!

So here is hopefully a flavour of the event and people who make it.

You can see more here on my website Mela images (includes a few “non Mela” ones too). I am still editing so will be adding some more in a couple of days.

Enjoy the sun while it’s here (UK folks).

Keep shooting!


He’s back peddling ..

His bloody videos again!!

I did another one. This one has me actually in it!! That could be a plus or minus I guess?? 🀣🀣

Anyway.. enjoy

Love & Affection

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Couple of weeks..

..worth of photos. Involved a road trip to Carlisle and a couple of good days in Newcastle.

Carlisle first –

Then Newcastle. The “dance/performer” images were taken during a little preview for the big Mela (punjabi word for party) event in Newcastle on Bank Holiday weekend. The singer was Juggy D (who has written/sung songs used in a lot of Bollywood movies as well as working with the star of Slumdog Millionaire (who’s name escapes me). The music and dancing was really infectious to be honest. Loved by all.

And finally general street stuff

As always.. thanks for taking the time to look.

Let me know if you think “woah John, far too many photos there!”

It’s just I sometimes shoot a load of stuff. I’m my own worst editor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Take care.