….was a great day photography wise. Even though the “weather gods” did not look in a good mood as it was dull and cold as I headed into town.

But as a street photographer there is that few hours where characters and situations are everywhere! It happens rarely, but when it does embrace it! The sun even came out for 15 minutes towards 3pm. In this northern location that means its low as it blasts through city buildings and gaps to blind people turning corners but creating lovely shadows for us light gatherers.

I heard a lovely comment on a terrific photography podcast by UNofPhotography

It was from renowned photographer Chris Harrison (not my friend of the same name — it’s this one Chris Harrison ) who said “photography doesn’t capture light, it captures time”. At times like yesterday, I agree.

Anyway enough waffle.. here are some images

As I said more on my website here Latest Images

As always keep shooting and be nice to each other!