Feeling sorry…

For myself as I’ve had cold (manflu version 2.0 with regular updates) so for last couple of weeks barely been out with my camera. I have watched loads of YouTube and Netflix though.

This blog is mainly to vanity share my photography but in a rare sideline here’s a couple of Netflix/IPlayer things I really enjoyed and quite liked

First is on BBC iPlayer or catch up or whatever. It’s called Looking For Alaska”. An 8 part US drama which is wonderfully acted. Initial premise looks usual teen high school fare…it’s not!! Trust me. It’s a powerful thought provoking drama. It had me laughing thoroughout and in tears at the end.

Secondly a Netflix Film “Earthquake Bird”. Directed by Ridley Scott. It’s a quirky alternative film with a few twists. Not brilliant but worth sticking with.

Ok. I did take some photos…

Hopefully normal service resumes soon 🤧🤧🤒🤒

Take care