I have done some video editing..

My great friend Chris Harrison (check him out on here as Grime&Glamour and on Instagram as @chrisharrisonphotos) did a short video with a fabulous model Ash. He asked me if I would do a couple of edits.

I did two – one in mono, and another also on my channel in Colour. It would be great if you check them out. Maybe tell me which you prefer??

As I said…I had nothing to do with shooting the video.  I just received the raw footage to edit and add music.

WARNING – No nudity, but does feature heavily tattooed female model in lingerie acting seductively.  So be careful who’s watching or where you play it. I would say it is a 18+ rating.

Here are the links

Colour Version

Mono Version

and if Tarantino or Spielberg is watching and wants a new editor…..here I am lol.

Thanks as always for the support.